Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals

A Glance at the Best Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals

Staying at a private Manuel Antonio Vacation Rental will make your vacation memorable and pleasurable.  These villas offer a feel at home atmosphere, so are you looking for Costa Rica villas to spend your family vacation in the most exciting way? Then we at Manuel Antonio Luxury Rentals have enlisted the top five Costa Rica first class villas that not only offer plenty of room for relaxation but also are close to some of the most popular destinations in the country that include national parks, beaches, variety of wildlife, rainforest and much more.

You can also take delight in the facilities offered at these private villas such as spacious living rooms, patios, private pools, a chef can be provided to prepare and serve so that you simply relax, housekeeping and unmatched views. In short, you will enjoy every luxury you pay for!

So, let us check out our top five Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals below –

Casa Karma

A uniquely designed private villa with a concoction of stone, wood finishes and an abundance of glass, Casa Karma is located within the private and exclusive gated community of La Reserva. The villa has been featured in “Su Casa” magazine, Costa Rica’s Leading Architectural Digest due to its architectural grandeur. Casa Karma is enclosed in the lap of Mother Nature and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and mature landscaping. The villa assures utmost privacy and peacefulness and is easily an accessible place with cobble stone roads and sufficient parking for guests.  Set against a magnificent panoramic mountainous backdrop, on the edge of the rainforest, this astonishing villa allows you to get a glimpse of exotic wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, toucans, scarlet macaws and more. All in all it is an ideal place for experiencing the best of Costa Rican natural splendor, wildlife viewing and relaxation.

Villa Celaje

Villa Celaje Estate is counted amongst some of the most elegant estate villas in Manuel Antonio and comes standard with a private Master Chef. Witnessing the spectacular sunset views of Manuel Antonio is best done at this Villa. It offers splendid 360-degree views of the expansive Pacific coastline, palm plantations, and impressive mountain ranges. A lavish haven equipped with 24/7 security, Villa Celaje is the perfect place to make the most of your luxury vacation. The handpicked local and international artworks adorning the walls of this magnificent and popular Vila will make you feel like royalty! Its architectural magnificence has featured the villa in a premier architectural magazine – Latino Magazine.

Villa Pelicano

Enclosed within the lush green forest and sits on the largest parcel of land at 5 acres in the center of Manuel Antonio, Villa Pelicano is one of the most impressive Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals that is well-appointed. Close to innumerable fine restaurants, gym, shopping plaza, and night life venues, this villa allows you to have the absolute pleasure of your vacation while including your own Private Chef. The main beach area and Manuel Antonio National Park are just 2 miles from the villa and is easily accessible by taxi (which are abundant) or the City bus that stops right in front of the Villa. It is true paradise for nature lovers as they can see a number of exotic flora and fauna in its surrounding from the villa itself and a plethora of wildlife. Also, the adjoining gardens comprise of banana plants, mango trees, starfruit, papaya trees, and a wide range of other tropical flora.

Casa Anaka

Utmost privacy, tranquility, safety and surroundings with spectacular wildlife reserves and rainforest are just a few reasons that make Casa Anaka a popular and highly-demanded vacation rental. If you seek ultimate comfort and luxury in Costa Rica then Casa Anaka is for you. Located on the top of the highest point in Manuel Antonio featuring two bedrooms and can sleep up to 7 guests, it offers 360-degree views of the impressive Pacific Coast, panoramic mountain ranges and marvelous palm plantations, Casa Anaka is the perfect place to have a luxurious vacationing experience. The villa along with Villa Celaje and Villa Marbella (which comprise a private compound), is also ideal for a large wedding, retreats or family reunions.

Villa Perfecta

Bordered by the enthralling rainforests and gleaming Manuel Antonio coast, Villa Perfecta is a perfect and lavish asylum that offers ultimate peace and privacy. This luxurious villa features 180-degree Pacific Ocean views, infinity pool, spacious decking, and other luxury amenities. Located within a private rainforest reserve this villa is a haven to three types of monkeys that include the inquisitive squirrel monkeys, white face or Capuchin monkeys, and the Howler monkey, along with two types of sloths, colorful toucans, and vibrant Macaws. The commanding view of the sea and the rainforest make Villa Perfecta a perfect vacation rental to create beautiful memories to relish throughout life.

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