Elite Villas in Manuel Antonio

Elite Villas in Manuel Antonio

Is Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica the next destination on your travel bucket list? Then you have chosen one of the most marvelous places to explore in the world. Manuel Antonio is a mysterious destination with a lot of interesting facts and miraculous experiences hidden within it. This amazing place is not only famous for the National Park but also has many other attractions that make tourists from all over the world make visit here at least once in their lifetime. 

Being home to lush rainforests, innumerable wildlife species, and stunning beaches, Manuel Antonio is a must-see destination in Central America. As you have chosen Manuel Antonio as your next travel destination, take a look at some of the interesting facts about the place and gain more information so that you can prepare yourself for your stay here.

Smallest in Size Yet Most Loved

The Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest national park in Central America, however, it is one of the most loved and sought-after tourist hubs in the entire nation. Approximately, about 1,50,000 tourists visit Manuel Antonio each year to explore the magnificence of this national park.

A Beauty Laden Place to Explore

Manuel Antonio is one of the most astonishingly beautiful destinations in the world to explore. With its green tropical rainforest, serene beaches, adventures, and more, this place has become a desire for travelers of all kinds.


When it comes to biodiversity, Manuel Antonio is one of the best spots in not only Costa Rica, but also in the world. Around 20o bird species and more than 100 animal species can be found here that include the endangered squirrel monkey. 

Beaches that Make You Fall in Love

In Manuel Antonio, the beaches are an absolute delight to watch and experience. Whether you are looking for water adventures or relaxation, these beaches offer you the ultimate fun. Some of the best beaches here include Espadilla Sur, Escondido, and Manuel Antonio.

Protected Land

The incredible beauty of Manuel Antonio is protected by the Costa Rican government. The country recognized in 1972 that such diversity and natural beauty need to be under vigilant watch and care. Every aspect of this place comes under preservation regulations that include hiking trails for the animals and everything in between.

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