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Enjoying Manuel Antonio to the Fullest – Things to Do and See

As far as a vacation in Costa Rica is concerned, Manuel Antonio is one of the outstanding destinations laden with beaches, jungle, adventures, wildlife, and more. From exploring the rainforests to taking a dive in the waterfalls, there is so much to do and see in Manuel Antonio that will keep you indulged and create memories of a lifetime.

We at Manuel Antonio Luxury Rentals would like to give an insight about our beautiful town of Manuel Antonio and the various things you can do and see here, to make your trip planning easier. So take a look at what Manuel Antonio has to offer:

A quaint town in a tiny yet gorgeous Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio possesses dense, adventure packed rainforest that hugs the Pacific Coast offering you exceptional sights of green jungles along with turquoise beaches filled with coral reefs. Isn’t that something that is perfect for a retreating vacation? If you are an adventure enthusiast then there are zip line tours, waterfall hikes, rappelling, snorkeling, mangrove tours, wildlife witnessing and more. We would suggest you to plan at least 4 to 5 days of stay here in our beautiful town to relish and explore the best of it.

Things You Must Do and See When You Are in Manuel Antonio

Exploring the Manuel Antonio National Park

You will be shocked and surprised to learn that Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest park in the country and still one of the most popular among travelers of all kinds since its establishment in 1972. This nature laden park focuses on preserving biodiversity and hence you can discover a large number of vibrant wildlife that include babbling squirrel and white-faced monkeys along with colorful crabs, iguanas, and sloths.  You must spend at least one day exploring the rainforest to see the best features of it including tons of animals, waterfalls, beaches hidden within the easy to access hiking trails.  Manuel Antonio Park was ranked one of the top 12 National parks in the World by Forbes magazine.

Adventures Like Zip Lining and Rappelling for Thrilling Experiences

You can try zip lining and rappelling as well. El Santuario Zipline Tour is located outside of Manuel Antonio and offers the best thrilling experiences to adventure seekers with the longest zip line (more than 3.6 kilometers) on 10 lines, 3 nature walks, 14 tree platforms, 6 hanging bridges, a rappel protected by a top and bottom belay and air stairs.

Beaches for More Fun and Relaxation

  • Manuel Antonio Beach

Discover the Manuel Antonio Beach found within the National Park, where you can take delight in the pristine beach and its sparkling waves. However, we would warn you to keep your snacks guarded as the monkeys and raccoons may snatch it from you! You can spot many other animals as well like sloths and parrots there.

  • Playitas Beach

If you want to avoid crowds and are looking for a more secured beach to explore and relax, then Espadilla Sur Beach is your best choice. It is an amazing destination for learning how to surf or tackle the waves. If you are a beginner then the southern end of the beach is best for you and if you want to tackle the bigger waves and are a seasoned surfer then go for the northern end.

  • Playa Espadilla Beach

You can also head to Playa Espadilla Beach to take pleasure in the beautiful and impressive scene of the sun setting over the stunning ocean waves. You may also hike up to Cathedral Point which is about a 20 minutes hike away from the National Park for a good view.

Where To Eat in Manuel Antonio

Even though Manuel Antonio is a small town, it boasts some of the incredible places to eat. Some of the best ones that we would recommend you include:

  • Emilio’s Cafe is well-known for serving delicious breakfast  and lunch options like French toasts and drool worthy sandwiches while offering you a stellar view. You can also opt for this place for dinner.
  • Falafel Bar is your best bet if you are craving for Middle Eastern food in Manuel Antonio. You can take delight in good hummus and lots of veggies, and  can choose between falafel, shawarma, and kabobs.

Besides these two there are many more as well!

Where To Stay in Manuel Antonio

And when it comes to luxurious stay in Manuel Antonio, look no further than our vacation villas in Manuel Antonio. All our vacation villas in Manuel Antonio are fully equipped with the latest amenities, spacious with private pools and much more. Some of our vacation villas in Manuel Antonio include Villa Celaje, Villa Pelicano, Casa Contee, Casa Karma, Casa Pakal, Casa Anaka, Villa Marbella, Casa Vista Verde and many more.

Get in touch with us, Manuel Antonio Luxury Rentals to learn more about these luxurious vacation villas of Manuel Antonio. We will be glad to help you!