Manuel Antonio National Park

How To Make The Most Of Your Time Inside The Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is undoubtedly one of the most renowned attractions Costa Rica has to offer. Nearly every tourist traveling to the Manuel Antonio area has it on their ‘to-do’ list, so we wish to ensure you get your money’s worth. To spend your time smartly and make the most of your trip to the park, here are a few tips that you’d like to follow:

Get there early:

The park opens at 7am sharp and during peak season there’s a limit on the number of tourists allowed inside the park at one time. If you get there early in the morning you don’t have to wait for people to leave before you’re permitted to get in.

Of course the best time to see wildlife, particularly birds is early in the morning.

Pack your lunch or go to the new Cafe:

Though you can have access to bathroom & drinking water inside the park, there is now a small Café for snacks and drinks. You’re permitted to bring in a sandwich and fruit but it is forbidden to feed the animals.  To maximize your time inside the park, bring your lunch, or at least some snacks to keep you moving.

Alcohol, camping stoves and excess food packaging aren’t permitted in the park.

Bring your snorkeling gear:

Most visitors come to the park hoping to observe & take pictures of the incredible biodiversity to be discovered inside the park. You must bring your binoculars and camera, but how can you forget the wildlife to be discovered under the water surface.

Bring your mask & snorkel gear to relish the tidal pools & coves flooding with tropical fish and coral.

Opt for a guided tour:

If you really want to acknowledge the natural spectacles of the Manuel Antonio National Park, you have to look for a qualified guide. Geared with top-quality telescopes & years of knowledge spotting rare wildlife, a trained guide can show you sunbathing sloths, splendid toucans and red-eyes tree fogs masked under leaves.

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