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How to Make Your Vacation in Manuel Antonio Memorable

Manuel Antonio is undoubtedly one of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica and is one of the best places for first timers for numerous reasons. First, it is an incredibly gorgeous country paired with amazing wildlife viewing, beautiful sunsets and verdant woodland and you can easily see why tourists fall in love with this beautiful country.

So if you are planning to visit Manuel Antonio and pondering “what’s there to do besides exploring beaches?” don’t worry! Manuel Antonio has so many good things to keep yourself busy. Whether you are staying  four days, 5 days or even an entire week, you will not be bored. Here we have highlighted some of the top things to do in Manuel Antonio for a memorable vacation.

Go for a guided walk in Manuel Antonio National Park:

Since so many wildlife dwell inside the park, you can hire a guide if you would like to learn more about the flora & fauna in the region. Most guides carry telescopes so you can see the animals up close and make use of your smartphone to take a picture. If you really wish to see a sloth in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park is the best place to see them and having a guide with trained eyes will almost assure you of a sloth sighting.

Explore Kids Saving the Rainforest Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is well-known for rescuing and rehabilitating wounded animals in the Manuel Antonio region. The sanctuary helps the local communities to educate, promote and increase consciousness about the environment. Tourists can take a voyage of the sanctuary to learn how they heal & rehabilitate different wild animals like sloths and monkeys. 


If you want adventure in Manuel Antonio, there’s an adventure park known as MidWorld that provides ATV tours, ziplining, rappel and more. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your vacations, this activity offers everything to get your adrenaline going.


Not far from Manuel Antonio is the Quepos Marina, home to numerous beautiful yachts and lavish fishing boats. Quepos is one of the best places in Costa Rica if you are looking for in shore & off shore fishing.

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