Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

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A beautiful jewel of the Pacific Coast, Manuel Antonio National Park is a tropical paradise that awaits you! Located just south of Quepos and 132 km away from San Jose, this national park is popular because of its expansive white sand beaches surrounded by an evergreen forest growing right up to the high tide line.

Whether you love wildlife or seek for adventure or just want to live a beach lifestyle, the array of activities in Manuel Antonio National Park is endless. You can take advantage of several guided tours to make the most out of your tropical paradise vacation.

The enchantment of beach and the greenery of the forested area come together in a place and the result is a natural paradise, Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s the protected wild area that receives a great array of national and international vacationers from all around the world.\

Significance of Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is a small biological island located inside an area offering opportunities for activities like agriculture, cattle farming and high-end tourism development. Though this national park is the smallest in Costa Rica, it’s famed for its scenic beauty combined with ease of access and biodiversity in such a small area.

This makes it the most visited well-protected area throughout Costa Rica and welcomes both national and international tourists of every kind – from surfers to eco-tourists and bird watchers. Manuel Antonio National Park has several protected coves with white sand beaches amidst tropical forest areas, mangrove patches, marine protected environment, beach vegetation, islands and a 14 hectares lagoon.

Climate Conditions and Biodiversity

Climate condition is distinctive to the sea level tropical regions. The average temperature that remains year round is approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the rainfall in an average is 3.875 mm. The dry season starts from January to March and the rain starts from August to October.

When it comes to biodiversity, Manuel Antonio stands out as the home to an impressive assortment of wildlife species including 109 mammal species and 184 bird species. You will spot brown-throated three toed sloths, mantled howlers, Hoffman’s two-toed sloths, squirrel monkeys and white faced capuchin monkeys, etc. You can see dolphins in the maritime area and the occasionally migrating whales. Though the animals are quite familiar to vacationers, Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the best places around the world to see them up-close and personal.

Important Facts –

Manuel Antonio National Park remains open to the public year-round – starting from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm and closed on Mondays. The entrance ticket may be bought in COOPEALIANZA, a small bank located just outside the national park. When you’re inside, you will get general information signs, drinking water, restrooms, showers, marked trails, lookouts as well as local guides.

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