Paddle Board Ocean Night Tour

Paddle Boarding at Night a Fun and Safe Experience

Usually, people think paddleboarding is a daytime water adventure. But in reality, there are adventurers who go for a paddle board tour at night time. Paddleboarding at night offers a completely new experience that is more refreshing and enticing than daytime paddle boarding as the lighting condition is absolutely different. Therefore it requires different and more preparation than normal paddle boarding.

We at Manuel Antonio Luxury Rentals understand that every traveler is different and has different choices. If you are also traveling to Manuel Antonio and want to experience paddle boarding at night, then we offer an exclusive paddle board ocean night tour that allows you to take delight in the awe-inspiring sunsets and moonrise with a sky filled with stars on the incredible Costa Rican coast. Our tour begins with a short lesson for making sure that everyone is comfortable on their boards. Then the paddle board ocean night tour will let you enjoy the stunning jungle coastline as the sun sets and the colors take on another dimension from the water.

Here are some tips to have the most fun:

Take the Lighting Seriously

During night lighting conditions aren’t as good as in the daytime, it can make paddle boarding more challenging. Therefore, you need to make sure that there is enough lighting for you that will allow you to see through the dark ambiance around you. Keep a flashlight or a lantern with you and use them mainly when vessels approach and not all the time. Moreover, your SUP board should also have lighting underneath as it will help you navigate through underwater obstacles while attracting a few marine species, making it a fun experience for you.

Plan in Advance

When you are going paddle boarding at night, it is essential for you to plan well in advance. The plan should include planning the routes, a rough estimation of the length you would travel, and when you would like to return. Locate the places beforehand where you can park your vehicle easily. As you are paddling at night keep the wind direction in mind and paddle along with it and not against it. Using islands is the best way to stay protected against strong winds and enjoy paddling.

Pack Only the Necessary Stuff

When you are going for paddle boarding in general it is necessary to bring the necessary supplies, the same is with night paddle boarding tours. However, there is no need to bring all the stuff you take for daytime paddle boarding when you are going for the adventure at night. Drop whatever you can drop and bring only useful stuff such as a life vest, torch, insect repellent, crucial medications, and a readable watch at low light.

Paddle with Group

If you are new to paddle boarding at night, then make sure to try it with someone who has expertise in it. It not only makes paddle boarding a safer experience but also adds a lot of fun to the adventure.

With our paddle board ocean night tour, you will be having an absolutely safe and fun experience. Our paddle board ocean night tour includes transportation, refreshments, all equipment, certified guide, photos, and life jackets.

Happy Paddle Boarding at Night!