Property Management

Manuel Antonio Vacation Properties


Manuel Antonio Luxery Rentals is intended to make sure that your Villa is kept in the highest condition at all times while occupied or vacant. Our mission is to allow you, the owner, “stress free” ownership while guests or your friends/family enjoy a clean, luxurious home while on vacation.  Our professional and experienced team will ensure that all day to day requirements as well as emergency situations are handled in the most economical and expeditious manner.

Our newly implemented software program allows us to identify any issue or project and follow it through until completion.

Instead of getting side-tracked by other situations that arise, the item required for repairing or the project that we are performing, our program will keep your issue at the forefront. This newly implemented system is utilized by our overall staff including maids, maintenance, gardeners, operations and Concierge teams.

Monthly financial reporting through our Quickbooks program is provided to all Villa Owners and includes a P&L, General Ledger, Banking reports and all areas required for you to track every expense. This detailed information also greatly assists with preparation of all year-end tax requirements.